An evolution of the species...

We have sourced the finest certified organic ingredients to include in every product.

We have taken out all artificial colour. We have made absolutely sure there are no parabens or mineral oil. All our product are bio degradable 

We rely on essential oils to please your sense of smell, so no artificial fragrance required.

Based on a careful selection of the finest active certified organic ingredients, MK Professional assures the highest caliber of Hair products the Earth has to offer. We have succeeded in creating the world's finest products.

Quality and Function "it's our thing"

Pure shampoos that cleanse and clarify.
Pure Conditioners that balance and smooth.
Pure treatments that heal and leave your hair renewed.
Pure protectors that guard your hair against damage.
Pure styling products that deliver on their promises.
Pure Quality, Professional Function.

All ingredients that are claimed to be "Certified Organic" and used in this luxurious range are guaranteed to be exactly that. We source these "Certified Organic" ingredients from one trusted supplier. They posses and display both ACO accreditation and NASSA accreditation. This is our way of an absolute guarantee of Purity, Quality, Rarity and your peace of mind that you are getting the genuine article.

*The following are the accreditations that our ingredient supplier holds and displays.

NIOXIN (Hair Loss and Thinning Hair)

GHD Styling Irons


We also stock a range of tools for the trade and accessories for the home including...

Hair Brushes
Dare Touch Irons
Fusion Blowdryers
Fusion Iron Holders




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